The Restroom: Where Cleanliness Matters

Have you ever wondered exactly how your cleaning company cleans restrooms- the one place everyone demands cleanliness? ServiceMaster Clean technicians are trained on Capture and Removal Cleaning®, a patented system that includes detailed procedures for cleaning including products, equipment and techniques. 

For example, that system uses color-coordinated microfiber towels to ensure the color assigned for restrooms is not to be used in any other area of the office and our Green For® product line.

Our brand standard is to use Capture and Removal Cleaning as often as possible.

The size of the restroom and how often it’s used will determine the cleaning frequency. A properly maintained restroom requires fewer products. However, if not adequately maintained, more abrasive products and methods are required, such as using bleach, which can be unsafe for humans and harmful to the environment. 

Trust our Capture and Removal Cleaning methods to maintain a safe and sanitary restroom.