ServiceMaster of Sault Ste. Marie recognizes the contributions of J.P. NEWMAN


As a commercial cleaning company, our definition of “clean” is often defined by sparkling surfaces and a brilliant shine.  It is this same description that defines J.P. Newman and his work for us!  Since joining us in 2002, J.P. has become an undisputed, integral member of our ServiceMaster family and most certainly defines all aspects of an EVERYDAY HERO! 


Whether J.P. is cleaning a vertical or horizontal surface as either our Window or Floor Technician, our customers are most certainly assured of a spotless finish as J.P. brings his meticulous work ethic to every job site!  His knowledge of his craft is second to none and makes him an indispensable mentor to new staff as he imparts not only his expertise and experience but also the joy of doing a job well!


We are proud to have J.P. as a member of our ServiceMaster family and are confident that when we send J.P. to a job, we know it will be done to perfection!  His dedication to our customers is, quite simply, outstanding!  We know we can count on J.P. in rain, sleet or snow!  J.P. always shows up, in every sense of the term!


“Thank you, J.P., for being a true ambassador for our business!

You are most certainly our EVERYDAY HERO!”


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